Thursday, 28 April 2011


Well, it's been a while coming, but welcome to the portfolio website of Fadeworks.
Here you can find out about me, see my pieces, and contact me for commission work.
Things have been manic recently, with a piece currently in progress for the #Heavy Metal Qee project that can be seen here

A series of custom TokiDoki Unicornos (more information soon), and a piece for Munnyworlds Megacontest named Japan Rebuild Unit 01: HOPE

More images will be up in the gallery soon, but for now here's a little backstory.

"Japan Rebuild Unit 01:HOPE was created when a government environmental agency were contracted to create a machine designed to cool nuclear units, along with aiding in area relief by rebuilding homes, draining water, and helping civilians in any way it could in the event of natural disasters.

Attempts were made to create a machine that could achieve all of these tasks, but most machines caused more damage than good since they lacked the ability to deal with human needs.
HOPE was the first machine to be created with a sense of empathy.
It felt for the people it fought to save, and continued to do so until its engine ran out in the year 2230."
You'll soon be able to vote on this one, so as soon as the links up I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a facebook like.
Thanks guys!