About Fadeworks

Fadeworks is a UK artist who's just started his attempt to break the vinyl art scene.

Q: So how did you get in to vinyl toys?
A: I don't know really. Weirdly the first vinyl toys that I saw were back when I was in the first year of university, a tutor of mine brought in two mini munnys and one of the old munny mobiles saying they were toys for her baby girl (I can only hope that kid grew up to throw paint and ink at them and not just mashed vegetables),
About a year later on a trip to New York, I stumbled across the shop front of Kidrobot NY and saw the same figures amazingly painted. The first thing I saw as I walked in was a 1/6 scale original Ashley Wood Bertie. From the moment I saw how varied and amazing the community and art scene behind vinyl toys was, I was hooked, and started collecting. I guess it just went from there, wanting to get my own ideas out there.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: There are some amazing people in the vinyl scene, both production and custom.
Ashley Wood has always been inspiring for me, Cris Rose, Amanda Visell, Tara McPherson, Matt jOnes and TADO are a few of my favourites. Outside of the vinyl scene though, Jamie Hewlett's been a love of mine from a young age, Hayao Miyazaki as well since his designs for machines and robots always feel so natural.

Q: So how can I get some of your work?
A: Well, there's a few ways. If you can catch me at a KR event in London I might have a piece or two on me for sale, but if that fails then I'll have a webstore up over the next few days.
As well as that I'm always open for commissions. I can either find and buy the figure you want a custom on and add it to the total cost, or if you've got a blank figure you want custom work done on then I can work on that too. Hit up the contact page if that's what you're interested in.

- "Fadeworks"